'Young Leonardo Dicaprio & Brad Pitt & Jonny Depp' T-Shirt by abc-s


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  1. Posted by sukanyamaas, — Reply

    I showed this picture to my little brother and I was like '^gasp^ look how handsome they are' and my little brother went 'are they the Jonas brothers?' I am screaming

  2. Posted by lmaoidontfuckinknow, — Reply

    You know what would be cool? Add River Phoenix,young keanu reeves,young rdj and BOOM! Anyone who looks at the pic gets pregnant

  3. Posted by imdonearentyou, — Reply

    Leo looks like he's out for horse riding, jhonny like he's a son of business tycoon on his 18th bday and bradd like a sophomore on his first day .

  4. Posted by 25sbeese, — Reply

    Why were all the cute actors from the 80s and 90s? It’s kinda frustrating. Like young rob lowe and Matt Dillon .... 🥵

  5. Posted by missjrod77, — Reply

    Wow now!!..this is crazy!! To see a picture of them together like this! It's awesome!!😍 They are such reat Looking as much as great actors!!

  6. Posted by asahibun, — Reply

    johnny looks like the bad boy type of friend and brad looks like the smart and older friend and leonardo looks like the cute baby of the group lol

  7. Posted by Lect0raFantasma, — Reply

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  8. Posted by xxbittersweetdiya, — Reply

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  9. Posted by anusha9kashyap, — Reply

    daaaaammnnnn...check this out https://www.republicworld.com/entertainment-news/hollywood-news/brad-pitts-epic-war-films.html

  10. Posted by reemhsf, — Reply

    i have been looking at this photo for about 5 minutes and my only response is 'beauty, this is what the world defines'

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