Free Trellis Plan


Learn to make a beautiful trellis for your garden or landscape with this free downloadable plan.


  1. Posted by sunnysargent, — Reply

    this would be so much easier than working with deer resistant netting, which is basically human resistant too! Thanks for a great idea.

  2. Posted by dennyndebbie, — Reply

    Sometime we just need a little visual to goad us on. A great plan that is very simple and efficient.

  3. Posted by lisabead, — Reply

    Somone actually needs a plan for this? People arent quite that stupid.

  4. Posted by cilenia, — Reply

    WHY does BHG always STEAL other images to get you to follow their links?!?

  5. Posted by loulougarceau, — Reply

    Bonjour, où acheter ce trellis à Trois Rivieres au Québec?

  6. Posted by rmichellewaters, — Reply

    But how do you bend the cattle panels so perfectly?

  7. Posted by diana_willis657, — Reply

    We use these every year for our cucumber plants

  8. Posted by charoenkittitum, — Reply

    Good idea. Thank you for share.

  9. Posted by 1sharmie, — Reply

    cattle panels

  10. Posted by dd48239, — Reply

    O yes

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