20 Funny Memes to Make You Laugh Out Loud This Morning


20 Funny Memes to Make You Laugh Out Loud This Morning | The very best curated tech news, camera, smartphone, and laptop tips and reviews.


  1. Posted by milothemagnificent_, — Reply

    As of like 10 minutes ago I've been having intense ass anxiety for 24 hours straight so that's fucking fun

  2. Posted by chigo_COJ, — Reply

    A brave man facing his anxiety even though he lost...been hiding all day from getting popped by mine

  3. Posted by BluBerry1312, — Reply

    I legit laughed for a solid five minutes looking at this. I wasn’t expecting it.....

  4. Posted by akemihime01, — Reply

    well that meme be poppin

  5. Posted by Nadeyatsya, — Reply

    ahahahahahahaHAHAHAHAHAAHAAHAAHAAHAA H A H A H A H A H A H A H A H A H A I need new therapist anytime soon

  6. Posted by tsukkispipsqueak, — Reply

    This is from a music video. Song called - go bananas by little big. Good song.

  7. Posted by R4YLIN58, — Reply

    this might sound super insensitive, but what is anxiety like? Like, what does it feel like?

  8. Posted by laylawall2, — Reply

    This is the best representation of my life

  9. Posted by shayna6013, — Reply

    Actually at my anxiety/depression therapist right now 😂 in the waiting room

  10. Posted by jnimel7, — Reply

    Thats the main singer from the Russian band Little Big! I love their stuff!

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