16+ ideas quotes love funny couples truths


16+ ideas quotes love funny couples truths #funny #quotes


  1. Posted by Stay_ARMY, — Reply

    This is so true but worse when he is your friend and you know that he only sees you as a friend even tho he keeps giving you mixed signals and you cry over him every night to a point that it can’t be healthy you know?

  2. Posted by katekontisgleydura, — Reply

    this is so true and i was like we never see each other anymore so i told him i like him and he said that he doesn’t like me and i just feel so lost

  3. Posted by anya_corazon, — Reply

    This doesn’t apply to me bc the only kinda form of social media I can have is Pinterest 😭

  4. Posted by hcnjimin, — Reply

    i mean we in different schools but this is so true

  5. Posted by pollockemm, — Reply

    No joke as I was reading this the guy I really like just Snapchated me

  6. Posted by saishajainn, — Reply

    why is this so true omg i’m gonna cry🥺

  7. Posted by lucianavoinea26, — Reply

    How dare you describe my felings perfectly!

  8. Posted by toriliz02, — Reply

    Too real

  9. Posted by yannar765, — Reply

    why this picture attack my heart? AAA

  10. Posted by maditeddlie, — Reply

    y’all i rly thought i was alone with these problems 😂😢

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